“We help clients develop, get Board buy-in to and implement innovative marketing, brand and customer strategies.”

Ruth Saunders, Founder – On Point



Female Entrepreneurs – The Secrets of Their Success encourages and inspires women who have dreamt of being entrepreneurs, but haven’t yet taken the leap, to take the first steps towards realising their dreams.

Marketing in the Boardroom helps marketers to be more commercially credible and thereby more successful in the boardroom.

“The advice in this book is really excellent, very simple to follow and a must read for all senior marketers who want to succeed with the Board.”

Robbie Millar

Global Director, Innovation & Brand Propositions, SABMiller (ABInBEv)

“Ruth reveals her proven trade secrets in this book. I suggest you buy it if you’re a marketer who wants to improve their strike rate when pitching to the Board.”

Hamish Pringle

Former Director General, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

Being On Point

At On Point, we help marketers be ‘On Point’ when developing their marketing, brand and customer strategies and engaging their senior managers and cross-functional peers.

Specifically, we: 

  • Develop and implement innovative marketing, branding and customer strategies that deliver tangible business growth.
  • Get Board buy in by writing and presenting Board recommendations that are ‘On Point’.
  • Train and coach our clients to be ‘On Point’ when presenting in the boardroom and when working with their cross-functional peers.

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