On Point - Coaching


Ruth coaches clients in how to engage senior managers and cross-functional peers by being On Point.


Coaching people in how to win over senior managers’


By creating a strong business recommendation with a succinct storyline, a compelling presentation deck and a robust business case


By engaging senior managers throughout the problem-solving process, handling challenging senior-level conversations, and presenting with the end in mind


By keeping senior managers updated, and embracing failure as much as success

Coaching women in how to perform well in male-dominated environments, most notably in


By being clear about what needs to be achieved and the buy-in needed to achieve it


By distilling what needs to be said into a few powerful messages


 By optimising the way we project ourselves whilst staying authentic to who we are


“With her vast business experience, Ruth gives practical, easy to follow, yet extremely effective tools that help improve my day-to-day interactions.”

Anamaria Cioanca

Project Manager, Trinseo

“Her intelligence combined with her sensitivity are what you want in a coach.”

Francesca Reverberi

Global Business Director, Trinseo

“Ruth is a class act when it comes to developing and supporting individuals’ growth; her rich experience, insight and empathy are highlights of her mentoring approach.”

Tim Perman

Group Category and Brand Director, PZ Cussons