On Point helps clients develop, get Board buy-in to and implement innovative marketing, brand and customer strategies that deliver tangible business growth, by helping companies determine: 

Who to target

What products and brands to support for growth

Why to be in business

Where to sell

When and how to engage people


    On Point supports corporate clients in creating new ways to drive customer growth. 

    On Point’s clients include:


    Developing and getting agreement to LBG’s brand portfolio strategy when Lloyds Bank and HBOS integrated

    Working with the top team and local countries to migrate Norwich Union to Aviva worldwide

    Getting top team agreement to migrating to and investing in one global brand

    Creating a seamless customer experience for all new joiners

    Assessing whether and how to launch into Eastern Europe 

    Selecting which high value customers to focus on and what to put in place to better meet their needs

    Optimizing the customer target and brand proposition for each of its brands 

    Finding ways to help support manufacturers and retailers in reducing their plastic packaging


    “I always knew I didn’t know something, now I know what it is, and now I know why I need Ruth.”

    David Magliano

    Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, Informa Tech

    “Her passion, drive and business acumen are inspiring.”

    Francesca Reverberi

    Global Business Director, Trinseo

    “Ruth knows what she is talking about, I have seen her do it.”

    Jan Gooding

    Global Brand Director, Aviva