On Point - Consulting


Ruth is an inspirational motivational speaker who helps people better engage senior managers and cross-functional peers by being ‘On Point’.


How to handle challenging conversations

Ruth outlines why marketeers can struggle when engaging senior managers, and gives practical insights, tools and techniques on how to handle challenging conversations, with the aim of getting senior management buy-in.

Issues that bug senior people

Ruth outlines issues that irritate senior people when presenting to them, and gives practical insights, tools and techniques on how to present a strong case and achieve the desired outcomes.


“Ruth provided great insight and was very engaging. She was by far the best speaker of the day.”

Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton

Delegate feedback at The PMO & Value Conference, Samworth Brothers

“Ruth’s talks are not just fascinating and insightful, they’re also immensely actionable, making them uniquely valuable.”

Lori Meakin

Founder, Joint

“Ruth has a natural presentation style that draws you in and commands a room with a wealth of professional experience that brings her topic to life.”

Julie-Ann Douglas

Global Head of Brand, Aviva

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